Okavango Delta Tours by Adventure Life

Montana-based travel agency Adventure Life has offered clients package tours and curated guided tours of countries abroad since 1999. Consistently receiving positive reviews and having been rated as one of the best adventure travel companies by National Geographic Traveler magazine, Adventure Life relies on a team of trip planners who are experienced Africa travelers. The company offers a range of overland tours of many African destinations, including the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

The Okavango River in Botswana terminates at a landlocked, inland delta—one of the largest marshlands by area in Africa and the world. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, the Okavango floods during the summer months, from December to February each year, spreading over and beyond river banks into an expansive delta nearly 15,000 square kilometers in area. As one of the greatest wonders of nature, however, the delta loses nearly 96% of its water by the winter months, from June to August, due to transpiration and evaporation. Despite the arid climate and daytime temperatures consistently near 40 degrees Celsius in the wet months, the region is a major hub for African wildlife, drawing in elephants, hippos, rhinos, zebras, leopards, lions, crocodiles, and hundreds of thousands of other birds and beasts.


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