IAATO – Pest-Control Instructions for Visitors to Antarctica


International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators pic

International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators
Image: iaato.org

A highly rated award-winning travel consultant service, Adventure Life boasts a five-star rating on Yelp, in addition to numerous positive reviews on Facebook and Google+. Adventure Life maintains membership with several travel-related organizations, including the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO).

In attempting to preserve and protect Antarctica’s natural environment, IAATO provides visitors with detailed information regarding pest control and non-native species. According to IAATO, non-native species currently inhabiting Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands range from small organisms, such as algae and microbes, to birds, fish, and mammals.

In order to minimize the risk of introducing non-native species, IAATO requires all visitors to follow strict decontamination procedures prior to and during the expedition. Before embarking, visitors must thoroughly clean and wash all belongings, including clothes, as well as check for dirt and other organic substances. While journeying through the Antarctic, visitors should clean their gear regularly, avoid stepping in organic matter, and immediately report any potentially non-native pests to tour operators.


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