Packing Light – Tips for the Traveler





Adventure Life reviews destinations across five continents, throughout the Caribbean and the South Pacific, and into the polar regions of the world. With the goal of creating experiences tailored to travelers’ desires, Adventure Life reviews the gamut of their needs and destination possibilities to help each individual have the best experience possible.

A good travel experience depends on packing efficiently. Avid travelers understand that a well-packed suitcase is one that does not include one outfit for every day but instead has basic pieces that can be mixed and matched. A wise first step is to select a basic color palette that will cover all chosen clothes, so that every item will go with a number of other items.

Dressing in layers also helps the traveler to pack as little as possible. Sweaters and shawls take up less space than a winter parka, yet keep the traveler warm when necessary. Although one might wonder what would happen if it becomes colder than average, experienced travelers know that unlikely eventualities should not automatically translate to more packed items. Buying and borrowing typically suffice.

How one packs one’s bag also makes a difference. Folded clothes help to maximize space, but rolling clothes allows even more items to fit into a single bag. Eliminating bulky items, such as shoes or full-sized toiletries, can help the traveler to fit more into a suitcase and thus lighten the traveler’s load throughout the trip.


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