IGTOA Helps Conserve the Natural Heritage of the Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Tour Operators Association pic

Galapagos Tour Operators Association
Image: igtoa.org

Based in Missoula, Montana, Adventure Life is an adventure travel company that has received excellent reviews from a number of major publications including National Geographic, Travel and Leisure, and the New York Times. The stellar reviews highlight the company’s tours of Africa, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and dozens of other destinations. In addition to offering travel options, Adventure Life works to promote sustainability through memberships in organizations such as the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA).

In its efforts to preserve the Galapagos Islands, IGTOA oversees various programs and initiatives, including the Galapagos Traveler Conservation Fund (GTCF), which raises money to protect the islands from threats such as invasive species, illegal fishing, and population growth. Through the fund, IGTOA has supported the Darwin Foundation, WildAid, Darwin Animal Doctors, and other organizations working to improve cargo handling procedures in order to reduce the likelihood that invasive species will arrive on the islands.

The GTCF has also helped fight poaching by helping fund a fishing-patrol initiative led by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In addition to supporting various organizations through the fund, IGTOA uses the financing to help educate local youth about the priceless natural heritage of the islands. To this end, IGTOA sponsors Ecology Project International, which engages Galapagos youth and teachers in research and other activities focused on local conservation. For more information about IGTOA and its Traveler Conservation Fund, visit www.igtoa.org.


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